Where In The World Is My Book?

Erie Barnes & Noble

Erie Barnes & Noble


Had the first sighting of my new book, Clear Skies, Deep Water: A Chautauqua Memoir at a Barnes & Noble.  This one is in Erie; someone told me they saw it in Pittsburgh, too.  The Chautauqua Institution Bookstore has had it in stock for a while, as has Off The Beaten Path in Lakewood.  I really don’t like it that memoirs are buried in biographies, but that’s our lot.

I’m so inspired, I’ve decided to run a contest.  A contest with prizes!  Here are the rules:

Send a photo of my book if you see it in the wild, see someone reading it, have it lying around, etc.  to my Facebook Page, Bethpeytonwriter, or you can email it to me at beth@bethpeyton.com.

Be creative!  Let me know where the picture was taken, and any other relevant information.  

Once a month, Jeff and I will select a winner, based on creativity, originality, geography, or our whim.  The winning photo will occupy a place of honor on my website, on FaceBook, Twitter (once I figure that out), and any other way I can think of to share it.  Best of all, the winning photographer will get a really cool prize!  A surprise prize!





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