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Labor Day 2004:  Has anyone seen my blue plate?

Labor Day 2004: Has anyone seen my blue plate?

A picture of one of our annual Maple Springs Labor Day parties is included in the photo gallery in my book. But thanks to Shirley Nook, I just got my hands on THIS picture. This is a picture of the party where Emil and Betty lost their blue plate.

Shirley, who leads the singalong, is seated in the center of the first row — wearing Shirley’s hat.  My mother is directly behind Shirley in the back row — wearing Shirley’s other hat.

Emil and Betty are on the far left:  Emil in a white shirt and Betty in a green top.  The rest of the gang is the rest of the gang.

I didn’t have this picture, and when Shirley gave it to me, I burst into tears.  I wasn’t expecting to see my mom, and after writing about this day and reading the story so many times (the chapter entitled “Lake Time” in the book), the day has acquired significant meaning for me.  I love these people.  I love this place.  I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do.


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