Still Fishin’

Spike's business card Probably late 50s/early 60s

Spike’s business card
Probably late 50s/early 60s

In honor of #tbt, here is a photo of one of “Spike” Kelderhouse’s old business cards. That is one big fish.

We’re still pulling fish like this out of Chautauqua Lake. Last summer, Rose Stage, from the Maple Springs Lake Side Inn, caught the second largest muskie of the summer.  And just a couple of days ago, Kathleen McCarthy posted this shot of Muddy Creek fishing guide’s Todd Young, with a 52-incher.  Most muskie’s are released — they’re bony and stinky — but they’re still here.  They swim with us.


Rosemary Stage

Rosemary Stage

Todd Young Muddy Creek Fishing Guide

Todd Young
Muddy Creek Fishing Guide

6 thoughts on “Still Fishin’

  1. Beth Peyton Post author

    The story is on page 43 of the book, Amy! And the picture of George and Sandra Whitbeck’s grandson with the fish is in the gallery. I will tell you another story, though. Every summer, the Whitbecks have a fishing contest for their grandkids. Each kid gets a trophy, but the one who catches the biggest fish, gets his or her name on a gigantic trophy, and they get to take the trophy home for the year. Just like the Stanley Cup! Those grandkids are lucky. AND, Sandra confided in me one time that the kids can have candy or ice cream WHENEVER THEY WANT. What happens at Grandma’s house stays at Grandma’s house.

  2. Patti L

    Thanks for the reminder that we swim with those fishes. I hope by the time the water’s warm enough for me next year, I’ll have forgotten – again.

  3. jeff patty k

    the business card is one of the last editions printed, ever changing to reflect the modified phone number and the opening date of the bass and musky seasons. the picture is much older than the card, circa 1960, 1961. yes, the lake is again full of these toothy fish, the population is swinging towards a healthy position. if you want a exciting time fishing, just hook one of these majestic giants and you will be that gets hooked, its called a fever.

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