Pittsburgh Here I Come

Carlow Poster
The creative folks at Carlow University just did this beautiful poster about my upcoming talk, next Wednesday, October 29th, from 4-5:30 in Aquinas Hall on the Carlow campus.

This won’t be a reading, per se. I hope to have a dialogue with students and others about the experiences I’ve had writing and publishing the book, and the wild ride I’ve been on since it’s release. And slides. There will be slides.

I’ll be staying at my daughter’s house and would love to gather there afterward for anyone who can make it. We can do pizza or something. I remember distinctly a long time ago, when Jeff and I were spending a respite weekend in Colorado, and we got wind that the high school party of the year was happening that night at our house. We nipped it in the bud — busted the brats – I mean the little darlings – from 1500 miles away. So it is with special glee that the words “Party at Maggie’s!” roll off my tongue. I’ll share specifics at the reading, or message me.

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Here I Come

  1. Kandy Duncan

    I certainly do wish I was going to be near! Sounds like fun! Can’t you get something going in your old High School’s neck of the woods? Party at Kandy’s !!!

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