No Plan B

Jeff blowing snow

Jeff blowing snow

I live in a place where there is often no “Plan B.” We had a blizzard yesterday and got a pretty good bit of snow. So far, the newspaper has not been delivered. It’s possible that the paper deliveryman, Mike, could not dig out. Maybe, like us, his snowblower broke this morning, in the dark, in zero degree weather. Hopefully, we’ll get a paper tomorrow, but the last time the paper guy was unavailable (a short hospitalization), we didn’t get a paper for days. The whole neighborhood was relieved when the paper came again – we knew Mike was okay.

Or maybe his truck broke down. Our neighborhood garbage collector, Allen Glover, sometimes misses pick-ups if his truck breaks down. There is no “Plan B,” we simply wait for Allen’s truck to get fixed. We love Allen. He’ll take anything, and he puts the garbage cans back where they belong. If we forget to put the trash by the curb, he’ll retrieve it from the shed. One time this winter, Allen’s truck was in the shop for a very long time, so he made a couple of garbage runs in a rented U-Haul, which I guess is a Plan B of sorts.

Otherwise, we wait for Plan C to reveal itself.

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