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A brisk and sunny morning

A brisk and sunny morning

Some of the part-timers up here grill us about what the heck we do during the off-season, so I thought I’d respond by giving a thumbnail sketch of our week. This is in addition to the work we do each day — inspecting houses, remodeling apartments, attempting to manage social media, researching the next writing project, cleaning, grocery shopping, making new acquaintances, keeping up with old friends, keeping up with the neighborhood “news,” and all the rest of that jazz that we all do, no matter where we live.

We walk the dog twice a day, almost every day. I will admit that Jeff does most of the dog-walking when the weather is this cold. He is a gem of a husband. Sometimes we take pictures, sometimes we visit with other walkers, and sometimes we just walk. But we do it in the most beautiful place.  This picture is yesterday morning.  I believe Jeff captured an angel or two when he took this icy shot.


On Sunday, we went to Shaggy’s for the Spaghetti Idol contest, a fundraiser to benefit the Bemus Point Library. The photo on the left shows the winner, Dave Braun, with BeBe Johnston and Ann Wallace, both from the Study Club. And we were winners! We won a raffle, a backpack filled with goodies from Midway Park.  Lucky!!!

We visited with many friends, and were not able to get together with many other friends because of time constraints, exhaustion, or both!  We shared wonderful meals and lots of laughs.  Our friend Irene is sitting in our living room wearing her  Ecuadorian ruana.  Simmering lamb chops below.   Yum.


That’s how we roll in Maple Springs. What are you doing this winter?

Happy Trails!


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