Holy Catch-Up, Batman

Lola's first fishing expedition

Lola’s first fishing expedition

Over the holidays, I got behind. I blame it on Lola. Our first little grandbaby came to Maple Springs for the long weekend. She’s a month old now, and went fishing on the dock, to Midway, to her first Maple Springs Labor Day party, and to Guppy’s!  This is Lola fishing.

Anyway, I’m behind on posts.  Stay tuned, there was a lot of activity during the last week as we crammed things in before summer ended.

Summer has ended.  Although the weather is still very summery, it is very quiet here.  The Lenhart is closed for the season, and other places we take for granted will be shutting down soon.  There is plenty to do here during the off-season, too, but summer ending is always bittersweet.

Stay tuned… 


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