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Big Tree Maple

Big Tree Maple

Two things happened recently that make me a little bit sad. Not get-the-kleenex-out sad; more like a twinge of sad.

First, one of my favorite funny places used to be Don’s Car Wash. You could go to Don’s for convenience items, to get gas, a car wash, recycle, or pack and ship items through UPS. Many of my friends and relatives have received packages from Don’s Car Wash, and sending them was fun. To mail a package, you enter a large room that smells of beer. Mountains of beer cans and cases line the walls, and people come and go carrying trash bags or boxes stuffed with empties. Regardless of how busy it is, a nice, efficient young person packs, measures and weighs, enters information into a computer, and voila, there goes your package. The best thing, though, was that there was no sign, no emblem, no nothing that designated this place as “Don’s Car Wash.” You just had to know it was Don’s Car Wash. Well, somebody had the idea to spiff the place up. The exterior of the building was freshly painted, and on the front of the building, in bold letters, it now says “Don’s Car Wash.” I haven’t stopped in once since. MY Don’s Car Wash has now turned into EVERYONE’S Don’s Car Wash, and has lost its appeal.

The second sad thing is sadder. I get my maple cream at Big Tree Maple, a barn located off a highway, off the lake, on Big Tree Road. One of the fun things about Big Tree Maple is that it was self-serve. One followed the instructions on the sign, selected items, and left cash or checks in the money box. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but not long ago, someone swiped the money in the money box. The sign (which I hope you can read in the picture) is still there, but now someone comes to help and take your money. The honor system, which helps make people honorable, I think, has gone.

***UPDATE*** Maple products can still be purchased on the honor system at Big Tree Maple. BUT, the cash box is now locked. Bring a check or exact change!

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