Announcing Contest Winner(s) for April!

Baby Elisabeth

Baby Elisabeth

Ok, it’s time to announce the first monthly winner of the “Where In The World Is My Book” Photo Contest.

I thought this was going to be easy, but it’s been hard! So many wonderful pictures and great stories about those pictures have come in. Here’s what I’ve decided, for now, anyway: one monthly winner, but I must include some honorable mentions. And all winners and honorable mentions will be eligible for prizes on down the line.

The prize this month goes to Shelly Smith. The photo is of her new baby granddaughter, Elisabeth Jane Roberts, at about two weeks old, in Ft. Worth, Texas. Made me cry.

photo Honorable mention in the humor category goes to this photo of Keith Martin, taken in State College, PA. Made me laugh. A lot.

1Finally, honorable mention in the beautiful and exotic category goes to this photo, taken by my daughter, Morgan, in the Bahamas. Love the orchids.

Keep the photos coming! Email them to me here, at Be sure to include a little bit of information, such as where the photo was taken, who with, etc.


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