Beth PeytonLike so many women, I took time out from a career to care for my mother-in-law who was beginning a downward slide, first with dementia, and then with everything else. After a time, I entered the M.F.A. Program at Carlow University, where I studied in Pittsburgh and in Ireland. The career break turned into a career change when I was fortunate enough to have my manuscript accepted for publication by SUNY Press.  Working with SUNY was (and still is) a terrific experience, and they made a beautiful book, Clear Skies, Deep Water:  A Chautauqua Memoir.

I live and write in beautiful western New York State, with my husband Jeff Hunter and our dog Henry.  And I live alongside many of the characters in my book, who are all still speaking to me.

I hope to use this site as a venue to keep the conversation going about the news in Maple Springs, things related to my book and, as the muse strikes, other writing, or other things about writing.

Stay tuned, and stay connected!

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